Core Services



    We will conduct a thorough analysis of the site and establish the techno-commercial viability of the project based on certain parameters. This will be in accordance with the client's energy requirements and the optimum energy mix. Assessing feasibility is an integral part of setting up of a Solar PV Plant. The feasibility analysis covers the following aspects: Solar Radiation Resource, Land/Site Assessment, Financial/Commercial Analysis with a comprehensive cash flow valuation, Solar Technology Assessment, Regulatory & Legal Aspects. Based on our findings we will prepare a comprehensive report and present it to our clients.


    Our engineers will chalk out a customized PV system design based on the site location, incident radiation, and terrain for maximizing the output. Next, they will determine the most favorable PV system components and vendors for the client. This stage forms a critical point in successfully achieving the desired output from the Solar PV Plant for maximizing the return on investment for the client. The design covers System Description, BOM, Electrical Drawings, Structural Drawings, PV Array Layout, etc. The BOM will provide an indicative set of system components such as modules, inverters, battery bank, cables, and electrical accessories.


    Based on our discussions with the client we will finalize the vendors for modules and BOS components after a thorough quality check and cost benefit analysis. Accordingly, we will define the delivery schedule of components at site. Given the size/scale of installations and typical significant financial volumes, sourcing and logistics play a major role in success of any project. In these days of surging demand; procurement of PV panels and inverters alone might be a nightmare. The clients will benefit from our strength in overseas shipment, quality control, warehousing, on-time delivery to project site (often in remote areas without the necessary infrastructure).


    Solar installations are relatively complex systems involving several key technologies and dozens of other components. Enerkraft will handle the entire installation & commissioning process according to industry best practices and mutually approved project schedule including structural works for PV mounting and power conditioning of the client's premises. We will also provide a framework for constant monitoring of the solar power generation from the plant.


    As our constant endeavor to delight our clients, Enerkraft undertakes O&M of the plant at a nominal cost up to two years from commissioning. This will include, checking of Solar PV output, cleaning of panels and to ensure proper functioning of BOS components. The key objective is to keep our client’s investments productive, by continuously optimizing their operations with an aim to enhance availability, output, efficiency and plant life. Our AMC program for preventive maintenance and periodic repair ensures that the plant remains in peak condition throughout its life.


Our sound understanding of project financing helps our clients in managing the initial CAPEX for setting up the system. Enerkraft is one of the few system integrators in India, which provides financial assistance in form of equity and debt to its customers.


Rupee Denominated Loans:

Enerkraft assists its clients in developing a customized financial roadmap for rupee denominated loans, with an appropriate combination of bank, government and private loans.

Dollar Denominated Loans:

Loans from foreign institutions generally come with much lower interest rates than domestic loans. Enerkraft can leverage its international network to facilitate dollar denominated loans at very low interest rates, thereby providing significant savings to our clients.

Exim Bank Loans:

Enerkraft through its partners can explore the possibility of loans from Exim banks of countries, where supplier products are manufactured. Exim banks provide various forms of assistance to supplier's customer, which significantly lowers project costs to clients. These may include: Extending line of credit to export/import goods and services; Favorable term loans for setting up facilities, plants etc.


Based on a Build,Own,Operate,Transfer (BOOT model), Enerkraft is capable of infusing equity/investing in setting up a Solar Power Plant on commercial building of creditworthy clients. In addition, we have tie-ups with private investors who will invest in the Solar Rooftop Project for a favorable Return on Investment (ROI).

Enerkraft's BOOT Model