Enerkraft Promise


Cleaner and Smarter Energy to All.


We want to build the most trusted clean energy company in India. We genuinely seek to understand our customer's requirement, and deliver it.


Enerkraft is a complete Solar PV Solutions Provider. We focus on engineering design, procurement, financing, installation and commissioning (EPC) of Solar Power Systems specifically to meet the requirements of the burgeoning solar power and energy market. We're excited for what's ahead and believe this is just the beginning of realizing our vision to create a planet powered by the sun thereby giving our clients a cheaper, cleaner choice for power. By partnering with a network of leading system component manufacturers and installers, Enerkraft continues to offer unsurpassed service, high-quality installation and the best beginning-to-end experience you'll find.

The 'Enerkraft' Difference

We are a full service Solar Company

We provide a full suite of 'concept to execution' services. When you go solar with Enerkraft, you really can enjoy the entire experience and not just the end results. Experienced Professionals from start to finish will handle your system installation. We work hard to make sure going solar is turnkey, effortless and worry-free.

Great Products and Materials

Enerkraft chooses only the most efficient and cost-effective components from proven manufacturing partners. From the smallest component to the largest array assembly, we aim to exceed industry standards with every installation.

Collaborative Approach

We are all about developing customer relationships. From the first time we meet you, we ask you the right questions and listen to your answers to develop a plan—with you—that will meet your needs and budget. It is our hope that by the time our initial meetings are over, you too will be a solar expert!


Enerkraft can engineer a solution for any energy consumption patterns. For homes, where nighttime consumption is high, we can execute a solar system with a battery bank for 24*7 power availability and reduced daytime consumption. For commercial entities, we can execute a grid-tied system that will substantially reduce your energy bill.

Meaningful Value

Affordability and quality don't always go hand-in-hand. At Enerkraft we will always choose the highest quality, most efficient products for our customers because our solar is designed and intended to last for decades to come. Our products come with industry leading warranties. We will stand with you to find the best financing options.

We want a cleaner future

Enerkraft wants to act as an agent of change by promoting solar energy to fight global warming. Reducing the electricity we draw from the grid means reducing carbon emissions. That means cleaner air, water and soil for your family, community, and generations to come.



Dr. Vishal Shrotriya is a dynamic business executive recognized for deep understanding of business- technology interface and ability to translate technology development into business opportunities. He is currently Director of Business Development at Materia, Inc. Previously, Dr. Shrotriya was with Solarmer Energy for seven years where he led a start-up grow from ‘Day One’ to a global leader in technology. Dr. Shrotriya has authored more than 30 journal papers and patents, and has written numerous articles in industry publications. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and sits on the advisory committees of industry associations like Organic Electronics Association and FlexTech Alliance. He received his doctorate degree in materials science from the University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelors degree from IIT Bombay in India. He successfully completed the Management of Technology program at Caltech.