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ENERKRAFT - Makes Solar Easy & Affordable

Solar Consultation

Give us a call and we will do a site visit and provide you with a comprehensive techno-commercial proposal free of cost. We can also help you in structuring a finance solution for your Solar Plant at this stage.

Contract Finalization

Once you have approved our proposal, we will provide you with an EPC contract detailing our service delivery promise.

Design & Procurement

After the contract is signed we will do a complete engineering design for the proposed Solar plant including electrical drawings, PV array layout, mounting structure drawings, etc. Next, we will procure the most favorable system components as per the site/client requirements.

Installation & Commissioning

Our experienced team of installers will work on the client site to assemble the system components in most professional manner. The team will then commission the plant as per client satisfaction and will provide them with the basic O&M training.

Enjoy your Savings

Start saving on each unit being produced by your Own Green Power Plant and be proud of your contribution towards a cleaner and smarter future.

imageThe Enerkraft Approach

Enerkraft Venture Private Limited is a young, dynamic startup headquartered at Delhi, India that is helping people switch to solar energy. We want to make switching to clean energy a smooth process and our team will take care of everything from design and permits to inspections and installation. All you have to do is to watch it come together. Our approach is to install systems to the highest engineering standards and to revolutionize the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their high monthly utility bill.

Customer Segments


Based on the current loads we will design and implement a hybrid or grid-connected system. We will ensure the PV system adoption results in maximum energy savings for the household.


We can provide scalable PV solutions for captive use of large industries facing the wrath of rising diesel prices and unreliable grid. Also, we are very optimistic of Solar PV emerging as the most viable energy alternative to commercial and institutional establishments such as Schools & Colleges, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants, etc.